5 Step abundance Manifesting Technique

This 5 step manifesting technique is a simple but yet powerful exercise that, when used correctly, will help you quickly attract abundance and happiness to your life.

When you use the law of attraction to manifest what you want to experience, it you feel inspired and guided to take action.

The law of attraction is never passive even if things seem to appear in your life like magic.

However, most people are not often taught the proper manifesting technique that truly works.

For example they are told to use affirmation and visualization techniques in a passive way, this is the slow way to manifest and in my opining the wrong method.

In fact, most people give up early on because they do not see results and feel little motivated to continue.

The Manifesting Power is In You

Before you begin you have to understand that the universe is governed by forces that move in and through every universal entity, including you.
Most people feel as if these forces are outside of then and that they are not in control.

This cannot be further away from the truth. In fact, theses forces are inside of you and you CAN govern them to be the master of your universal life experience.

Achieve Fast Results

Imagine being able to see results in as little as a couple of weeks. This is possible when you apply the law of attraction on a daily bases for everything thing you do.

It is all you your attitude and the choices you make for yourself each day.

You probably already know that your thoughts influence your reality and that you can control your thought pattern in such a way that allows you to attract you most wanted desires.

This concept is just the beginning in any manifesting technique process. Follow these 5 easy step to maximize your manifesting results.

STEP 1: The Target Manifesting Technique

Focus your Intention onto what you want to manifest. Never lose sight of what you want. Keep the eyes on the ball.

Just because you keep your focusing on your target, it does not mean that you have to be serious about it, try to have fun with this.

Keep Your Energy High

It is important to keep you mental and emotional energy high, you need to feel engaged with you goal to apply this manifesting technique to the fullest.

Make you intention a fun experience. Feel the excitement in every cell of your body.

The first time I intended to build this website, I felt a great sense of purpose and happiness.

I right away imagined how it would make me happy to share the things that I have learned about manifesting and the law of attraction.

Every time a publish a new page or a chose a topic, I feel excited. I keep thinking about building my website even when I am doing something else.

I do this naturally because I am happy about what I have decided to achieve. I also talk to people about it. I never lose my target and I do it with passion.

When applied in this way, this manifesting technique becomes very powerful and your manifesting speed increases greatly.

Without this feeling of excitement that arises, your manifesting will be too weak and will not work or it will take too long to materialize.

Your intentions are mental expressions that need to trigger positive feeling that are genuinely felt through your body in physical pleasure.

You need to feel goose bumps or tingling feeling in your stomach, then you know that it is working as you keep on target.

Some people also like to set a time every day when they set goals in how they are going to take action and move forward in the direction of achieving their goals.

Dear To Dream

A friend of mine wanted to buy a house in a neighborhood she knew she could not afford, but she started to go out and look for this house anyway.
When she told her real estate agent how much she wanted to pay for the house the real estate agent told her to find someone else to help her.

Two weeks after that the same real estate agent called her up and told her that there was a house in the neighborhood she wanted at the price she was looking for, the house needed a lot of work, but her and her husband were willing to do the work themselves and now they have a beautiful home.

She succeeded because she never lost sight of her target and had no fear to tell others what she wanted. She dared to dream!

STEP 2: The Happy Mood Manifesting Technique

If you feel depressed because your life is not going the way you want, change your mood!
Whatever you need to do to change your mood to an excited, full of positivity state, do it!

Be Creative

Sing, listen to music, dance, paint, read a book, listen to meditation, say or write affirmations.

Do whatever helps you feel good about what you want to achieve in your life.

You must begin acting as if what you desire is already happening in your life and feel happy about it.

Feel Passionate

Act as if you are on your own cloud nine. Allow your feeling and emotions to emerge from deep inside of you. Let them express joy to the fullest degree possible to you. Practice every day and take this to higher levels possible.

When you change the way you look at things, things that you look at will change.

If you change the way you feel about your life, you can change your life!

STEP 3: The Empowerment Manifesting Technique

This is the most crucial step. If you fail manifesting what you want you are not empowered to the fullest and you are allowing doubt and fear to set in.

Deal With Resistance

Instead to trying hard to eliminate doubt and fear work with them. Or better, make them work to your advantage.

Doubt and fear show you that you have resistance, this is what is blocking your manifesting process. By using the empowerment manifesting technique, you will reach a state of vibration that will bypass any negativity.

Here is how you do it: welcome fear and self doubt and allow these feeling to completely manifest within you, let them run free, let them bring on all the pain the sadness and the negativity that they mean.

Appreciate Yourself

Then, thank yourself for taking the time to finally taking care of this aspect of your life.

Everybody has this and everybody needs to get the deepest and darkest feeling they have buried inside into the light for clearing once and for all.
You will find out that self-doubt comes from negative past experiences that have caused you deep hurt.

This process can be difficult to many, take your time but do the work. At the end you will feel empowered.

Feel Empowered and Self-Confident

Once you deal with self-doubt you gain self confidence and nothing can stop you now. You can now begin to trust the universal process of manifesting.

You cannot fail, believe in yourself and know that you have all that you need to succeed.

STEP 4: The Envision Manifesting Technique

Here you need to use your imagination as much as possible. Imagine, create and visualize what you desire as often as possible, see and feel yourself having what you want on a daily bases.

Use your imagination to add as many details as you need to make your experience as real as possible.

Use Crative Visualization

Imagine what clothes you will be wearing, who is going to be next to you, where you are going to be, how the weather will be like, etc.

keep envisioning what you want to manifest and add clear precise details to make it as real as you can.

Make a Vision Board

Many experts in manifesting technique use vision boards. To make a vision board, cut out pictures of things you desire from a magazine and glue them on a large paper board.

Add inspiring words and affirmation sentences to assist your visualization process.

Making vision boards is a very successful way to apply the envision manifesting technique. I also like to use my dream manifesto software to select pictures and inspiring affirmations to create my own visualization daily routine.

STEP 5: The Surrender Manifesting Technique

Not a lot of people use this manifesting technique, but it is really important to achieve fast tesults. Once you have done all this hard work, let it go! Surrender to the power of the universe and trust will now be guided step by step to achieve your goal.

This is another very crucial step in the manifesting process. When you let go you accept guidance and follow diligently without asking.

Let It Go

Do not interfere, go with the flow just let it happen! The surrender manifesting technique is based on the assumption that if you let go of any attachment to your dream, it will manifest faster.

This is also the part of your manifesting where you will most enjoy the journey, you can see yourself getting closer and closer and feel more and more confident about your abilities with empowerment.

Live In The Moment

Another way to use this technique is to "Live in the moment". Trust that you are on the right path!
Keep moving forward with grace and gratitude. Every step of your path will be revealed to you as you need it.

Happy Manifesting!

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